Who Likes Good News?

Some quick updates on things I’ve either blogged about, will be blogging about or meant to blog about and didn’t really get around to doing:

  • The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret has been picked up by More 4 following its appearance on Channel 4’s Comedy Showcase. While the pilot got mixed reviews I’m very interested to see how this unfolds and with a little development I think it could be a real grower. Plus, more David Cross on our screens is hardly a bad thing. Campus, Phone Shop and Pete vs. Life have also been given the full-series green light.
  • On the subject of TV comedy Stewart Lee has had a second series of Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle commissioned for BBC2. Again, great news.
  • Chris Morris has given a couple of very interesting interviews about Four Lions here and here. He’s also the subject of a new book.
  • In response to Channel 4 producing another Top 100 Comedians list show (more on that soon) Leicester Comedy Festival patrons were recently asked to vote for their favourite comics. The top three? Bill Hicks, Stewart Lee and Tommy Cooper. Hard to disagree with that and it’s a good excuse to post this video…

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  1. nicely blogged

    dunno if anyones interested… but theres a little phoneshop blog cooking up here


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