Film Updates

Normally wouldn’t focus on films too much but there seems to be a good crop of comedy movies worth mentioning right now, so here’s a little trailer round-up.

American: The Bill Hicks Story

For years now there’s been talk about the possibility of a Bill Hicks biopic with everyone from Jason Lee to Russell Crowe (eesh!) mooted to play the American funny man. But while that remains a topic for internet film forums we’ve got this new documentary narrated by the 10 people who knew him best. American… is a mixture of photo animations, interviews and performance clips that will chart his life, his career and his untimely death. How much of the footage here will be new to die-hards is maybe questionable, but for Hicks fans there’ll finally be a conclusive document to celebrate one of the greatest stand-ups.


I’ve always liked Ben Stiller. Problem is I’ve never liked anything he’s been in. OK there was Zoolander and TV shows like Arrested Development, Curb Your Enthusiasm and that episode of Friends where he shouts at the duck. Unfortunately with this has come a much weightier load of awfulness (Along Came Polly, Meet the Fockers, add your own). But Greenberg looks like a very different proposition. Arguably ticking a lot of the ‘indie cred’ movie boxes (lead character with slacker attitude, quirky mate, Pitchfork approved soundtrack) but we finally see Stiller moving away from the shrieking goofballs he usually plays, towards a character with some genuine depth in this Noah Baumbach helmed, low-key comedy.

Four Lions

Done this one to death but in case you’ve not seen it here’s the official trailer.


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