Lee Kern

Anyone see Big Brother 9? No? Remember who won it? No?

Anyone see the follow-up show, ‘What The Housemate Did Next’? Again, not expecting a flood of yeses.

But those who did would have got their first real taste of Lee Kern. As host of the show he was an interesting choice. By no means a Channel 4 megastar here was a film-maker who barely looked interested in the desperate fame-chasers, approaching their numerous nightclub appearances and Zoo photoshoots with tongue very much in cheek.

The man behind Twinklebum UK, Kern has been doing various pieces of online comedy for some time now, churning out numerous blogs, cartoons and videos. Recently though he moved his dry and acidic style into the world of stand-up and has become a must-see (check out his cameo in the video below). As far as fame goes he’s got a much better chance than anyone from Big Brother 9.


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