Frank Sidebottom 1956-2010

It was announced this week that Chris Sievey the man behind/inside Frank Sidebottom had died aged 54. He was found collapsed at his home on Monday morning. He recently revealed he’d been treated for cancer.

While I never saw him perform in person his truly unique and positive approach to comedy was, and will continue to be, a real inspiration. For those wanting to know a little bit more about the man with the papier-mâché head there’s a fun Fix interview with him here as well as a really nice tribute to him by one of his former bandmates in the Guardian.

His passing has also sparked a campaign to get his recently recorded World Cup song, Three Shirts On My Line, to Number 1. It’s all for a good cause so why not get involved. You can keep up to date with ‘Make Frank Number 1’ on Facebook and Twitter.

RIP Chris/Frank


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  1. Hi, last few days I was looking this exact article, thank you very much and keep writing.

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