An American Comedian (or Four) In London

While the cream of the UK comedy crop prepare for a month of lost finances, alcohol dependency and potential stardom, some of the finest acts the US have to offer are making their way to Britain (well, London). So for those who don’t fancy the August jaunt to Edinburgh here’s who you can look forward to:

Marc Maron – Soho Theatre (28th July – 7th August)

First up is Marc Maron, coming from the same stable of comics that bred David Cross amongst others. With a Bill Hicks style and approach, anyone looking to see where that comedy baton got passed to might just find it with Maron.

Brian Posehn – Leicester Square Theatre (3rd August)

The ‘metal’ comedian and tour-de-force of geekdom Brian Posehn arrives for a one-off show in the West End. Comedy spotters will have seen him pop up in everything from Human Giant, Just Shoot Me and The Sarah Silverman Program, as well as his performances on the infamous Comedians of Comedy showcase tour.

Doug Stanhope – Leicester Square Theatre (27th August – 11th September)

Perhaps the best known to UK audiences, Stanhope’s most recent appearances have been as a correspondent for Charlie Brooker on his latest Newswipe series. Never one to hold back and certainly not to everybody’s taste (check out his Leeds Festival performance) his no-holds barred brilliance is still totally captivating.

Eugene Mirman – Greenwich Comedy Festival (6th – 12th September)

Surreal stand-up and youtube sensation (and landlord to the Flight of the Conchords) Eugene Mirman is also making a rare UK appearance at the Greenwich Comedy Festival on the 10th September. Expect weirdness.


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