Pathetic Excuses

Hello, it’s been a little while since an update – I was all prepared for a post-Fringe binge but then I had a good old ‘get ready to move house – move into house – find your bedroom has a hidden water feature – move out of house – live out of boxes’ situation. A dream scenario. Rest assured normal-ish service will soon be resumed, there are a couple of articles on the way, including a review of what was good and not so good at this year’s Fringe, plus a few little tweaks to the site (one of those twitter feed thingys basically).

In the meantime I thought I’d give Chunklet a mention. By way of a quick intro, Chunklet is a US magazine/website dedicated to excellent music and, in part, excellent comedy. For the past 6 months Chunklet writers (which includes me) have been working on The Indie Cred Test. It is, as the name suggests, a big book of humorous tests to prove how cool you are. Unfortunately the publishers have now pulled out, so in order to get this into the grasping, hungry hands of the public, Chunklet is asking for small donations to help with printing. Essentially this is begging but given my recent housing situation I’ve lost all shame and become pretty good at it.

Anyway, it’s a really fun book and if people are willing and able to spare a little then I’ll love you forever. If you prefer your gratitude in a more tangible form then you’ll also get a copy of the book and possibly a few other treats thrown in. Check out Chunklet or Kickstarter for more information on the campaign.



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