Steve Cumberland

What is it they always say?  You wait ages for an oddball, cafe-owning, character act to come along then two turn up at the same time. When David Earl and his character Brian Gittins emerged on the circuit he was somewhat eclipsed by friend and occasional onstage partner Angelos Epithemiou, the burger van man who’d soon find cult success through the return of Shooting Stars.

While Gittins is still doing the rounds, a new character in the form of Steve ‘Cumbo’ Cumberland, an online video diarist and floundering ladies man, has begun to make an increasing number of appearances online and, having hinted at taking his first tentative steps into live comedy, is now ready to make his debut at Knock2Bag in Brighton.

With such refreshing, well measured, albeit weird, characters David Earl is showing all the signs of becoming a leading light on the comedy circuit. His profile hasn’t been hurt by opening for Ricky Gervais and appearing (as Gittins) in Cemetery Junction. If there’s any justice his latest creation will be the one to push him to the forefront of a scene that’s crying out for some inventive new characters.


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