Stand-Up in 2011

So who will be the stand-ups to keep an eye on in 2011? Well here’s a few fantastic new-ish acts who I’m hoping, if nothing else, will go down a bit better than my Episodes prediction from last week… what can I say? Yes, the first episode was terrible, I’m sorry.


Phil Wang

The Chortle Student Comedy Award has been the starting point for many of the country’s best young comics – Lloyd Langford, Joe Lycett and Simon Bird being a few of the biggest success stories of recent years. 2010 saw Cambridge student and Footlights member Phil Wang become the latest graduate of that select group. With a style that harks towards the likes of Demetri Martin and Zach Galifianakis  he’s an assured performer who has the skills to mark himself out from others on the circuit.


Late Night Gimp Fight

To only pick one of the plethora of up-and-coming sketch groups to make an impact this year isn’t easy. But Late Night Gimp Fight certainly upped their profile with an Edinburgh Newcomer nomination last year. I’ve yet to experience ‘The Gimps’ (?) live but their videos have had me in hysterics (albeit feeling a little bit dirty afterwards) and they look as though they could make the step from stage to screen with impeccable ease.


Nick Helm

Nick Helm’s been bellowing for your attention for a couple of years now, a stand-up, member of sketch team Broken Biscuits and a lover of all things Sly Stallone. Delivering some truly awful jokes (not to mention the odd song and poem just for good measure) but with the conviction of a man who thinks they’re the funniest thing you’ll ever hear, he’s ludicrous and brilliant. Having grabbed quite a few new fans following his show-stealing appearance on Russell Howard’s Good News and now up for a Chortle Best Newcomer Award, he’s a comic that deserves your attention too.


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