Curbed Enthusiasm?

Here’s the recently released teaser of Curb Your Enthusiasm series 8. I’ve always loved Curb but have to say I haven’t followed the last few seasons, around season 5 it seemed to get a little bogged down in celebrity cameos (Dustin Hoffman, Sacha Baron Cohen and, later, Steve Coogan’s appearances were unfortunate misfires) and the season 6 inclusion of ‘The Blacks’ always struck me as a lazy way to crowbar in some awkward race-based gags. However many suggested the season 7 ‘Seinfeld reunion’ was a real redemption, it’s one I’m still to sit down and watch but with that in mind I’m very interested to see how this new series pans out. Here’s hoping it’s prettaaay, prettaaay good. Ahem, I’m here all week.


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