Bob’s Burgers

Tonight sees American animated hit Bob’s Burgers begin on E4 (10.35 pm). Of course not every new animated show is going to match the success of a South Park or Simpsons but there’s never any harm in trying and Bob’s Burger might just have the right ingredients (ingredients, burgers – oh, well done me).  Revolving around Bob, his family and their burger restaurant, the show seems to take a more ‘adult’ approach compared to a show like Futurama, while at the same time eschewing some of the ‘zany non-sequitur overdosing’ that became such a stock in trade for Family Guy and, by proxy, a raft of others (sorry new Simpsons episodes we’re looking at you).  The cast too is an impressive roster of US comics like Jon Benjamin, Eugene Mirman and Kristen Schaal whose presence and previous works should point to a show with some real alternative comedy merit and, hopefully, some longevity.

Bob’s Burger’s will be available to watch on E4 and 4OD. Here’s a trailer:


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