Bo’s Back…maybe

So when you spend a good part of your day scouring the websites of provincial art centres and theatres (as you do) it’s not often you spot something genuinely interesting.  But then it’s not often you happen to spot US comedy sensation Bo Burnham playing a show at the Milton Keynes Stables Theatre. Even more unusual is that further web trawling doesn’t seem to suggest he’s playing any other shows in the UK. Now, while I’m not taking anything away from Milton Keynes, it seems a tad unusual that one of comedy’s most lauded young talents would travel to the UK especially for the Stables Theatre. So is this genuinely a one off, a mistake or has the theatre simply shot out the news of a tour a little prematurely? Watch this space.


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  1. Looks like this is a go-er. Other sites have started putting tour dates out. Shows will be in June, tickets released this week. Exciting.

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