Jerry Sadowitz Is Filming A DVD!

Jerry Sadowitz has (at least in recent years) seemingly shunned TV, DVDs, youtube or anything else that would allow people to see his act without actually buying a ticket and feeling its full live force, so this is quite big news. The DVD will be recorded on Sunday 3rd April 4pm & 7pm at Leicester Square Theatre and, for those fearing a DVD record could be the sign of a mellower Jerry, its press release announcement was typically Sadowitz:

Jerry Sadowitz will record two different shows at the Leicester Square Theatre for DVD release. Miniature windshield wipers on a wipeable laptop screen so the cum doesn’t trickle down and f**k up the keyboards. My name is Jerry Sadowitz and Windows 7 is my idea.




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3 responses to “Jerry Sadowitz Is Filming A DVD!

  1. passing dude

    He’s changed his mind.

    • How sad. I love Sadowitz. Once he was sat opposite me on the tube, looking miserable; I wanted to say “hi”, but he mighta just nutted me out. Is this guy ever gonna have a DVD?????

  2. Cagiest

    went to see him 2 days ago.. so many gags and insults, cant remember half of the show..a dvd would put that right.

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