Don’t Call It A Comeback

So after a serious hiatus or just a very serious case of treatin-em-mean and keepin-em-keen, I realised I’ve rather neglected this blog. But rest assured though, it definitely wasn’t you, it was me. My days have been filled with a few very exciting things and a lot of massively tedious things – paying rent, for instance.

So I’ve got some stuff lined-up for the blog over the next couple of weeks but one of the rather nice things I’ve been doing of late is writing reviews, interviews etc. for the website Spoonfed. I’ll be sure to pop anything I do for them on here and first on the list is a slight re-write of an article I did for this blog called, ‘Does Comedy Really Rock?’ Some of you may have read the original, others may not, either way it would be lovely if you took a gander at the new and improved version using the link below.

Thanks again for being so patient.


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