Josie Long’s Alternative Reality

Josie Long is performing a series of DIY shows across the UK from October 3-12. Going under the banner of ‘Alternative Reality’, this goes a little beyond comedy (and hey, why not?) so here’s the manifesto:

We are coming to car parks, to playing fields, to nowhere places near your town.

We have singers and comedians and writers. We are anti-cuts. We are pro-youth. We are awesome.

The shows are free. We have no profit motive. Our motive is to be wonderful.

We support public art. We despise austerity measures. We like adventure. We will travel.

Not only does it sound a lot of fun but it does so with some principles behind it. Long’s engagement with politics has become more vocal over the last few years and has taken her comedy to a new level. In fact she’s taken it beyond comedy to the point where, earlier in the year, she co-founded the charity Arts Emergency Service, set up to defend and promote Arts and Humanities Degrees. It’s bold, it’s brave and it should be supported.

The dates are below but for more details on the shows – the who’s, the when’s and the where’s – be sure to follow her on twitter for the latest updates.

3/10 – Margate

4/10 – Isle of Sheppey

5/10 – East Bergholt, Suffolk

6/10 – Milton Keynes with Alan Moore

7/10 – Hull

8/10 – poss Middlesborough, afternoon gig

9/10 – London. Joining UK Uncut to Block The Bridge

10/10 – Bedford with Simon Munnery

11/10 – Gloucester

12/10 – Tapeley Park


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